Unless otherwise noted, all seminars start at 10:00AM in the Small Seminar Room.

April 3 Welcome!
April 4 free
April 5 M.Dahan Amplification of gradient sensing in nerve growth cones through lateral redistribution of membrane receptors
April 6. X.Michalet Novel single-molecule fluorescence methods
April 7 W.W.Webb Multiphoton microscopy
April 8-9 Week-end

April 10 W.W.Webb FCS and biological applications.
April 11 G.Zocchi Evanescent wave scattering: a high resolution probe for conformational changes of biomolecules
April 12 S.Adams Genetically-encoded tags for proteins

April 13 M.Weiss Mesoscopic simulations of membranes
T.Liverpool Phases and Mechanics of motor/filament interactions
M.Turner The role of lipid recycling in raft size control

April 14 P. Sens Chromosome motion and positioning in mitosis
A.Zilman Physics of the nuclear pore transport
S.Sun How do molecules walk
April 15-16 Week-end

April 17 Alexei Kornyshev An overview of DNA interaction, recognition, and aggregation
3PM talks: R. Netz Propulsion with Semi-Flexible Polymers; M.Bekele Brownian heat engine -- A model
April 18 X.Darzacq Live cell analysis of RNA polymerase II transcription
April 19 U.Seifert TBA
April 20 free
April 21 E.Lipman Single-Molecule FRET: An Introduction and Some Applications
April 22-23 Week-end

April 24 free
April 25 A.Wells Getting the message out : motors that move mRNAs
April 26 P.Selvin Single Molecule Studies of Molecular Motors, both in vitro & in vivo.
April 27 A.Liu Actin based motility
April 28 M.Dogterom Cytoskeleton-based force generation
April 29-30 Week-end

May 1 F.Julicher The Physics of Cell Division
May 2 O.Saleh FtsK: a “Formula 1” molecular motor.
May 3 M.Wang Mechano-Chemical Kinetics of Transcription Elongation
May 4 J.Theriot Crawling cells and comet tails
May 5 S.Xie Enzymatic dynamic disorder
May 6-7 Week-end

May 8 E.Gratton Particle tracking in 3D with 2-photon excitation
May 9 S.Kowalczykowski Visualization of Protein-DNA Complexes at the Single-Molecule level
May 10 R.Ebright The mechanism of RNA polymerase I
May 11 R.Ebtright The mechanism of RNA polymerase II
May 12 J.Spudich Molecular Motors: From Streaming in Nitella to Single Molecule Analysis
May 13-14 Week-end

May 15 C.Schulten Proteins with mechanical functions
J. Theriot Cytoskeletal elements in bacteria
May 16 T.J.Ha Advances in single molecule FRET
May 17 T.J.Ha Single molecule studies of helicases mechanisms
May 18 S.Ramaswamy TBA
May 19 free
May 20-21 Week-end

May 22 C.Jarzynski Nonequilibrium thermodynamics at the microscale
May 23 A.Vologodsky How Protein-induced Local DNA Bends Can Regulate Global DNA Topology
R.T. Dame Bacterial Chromatin organization: Insights from single and dual DNA micromanipulation experiments
May 24 T.Ellenberger The Anatomy of Infidelity. Lesion Bypass by High and Low Accuracy DNA Polymerases
May 25 T.Ellenberger DNA End Joining and Recombination in Three Dimensions
May 26 S.Hell Breaking Abbe’s barrier: Far-field fluorescence microscopy with diffraction-unlimited resolution
May 27-28 Week end

May 29 free
May 30 J.Widom Chromatin
May 31 J.Widom Chromatin
June 1 L.Finzi Transcriptional DNA looping
3:30 A.Grosberg, L.Mirny, and R.Bruinsma: Protein Sliding along DNA
June 2 S.Adyha TBA
3:30 G.Grason Counterion Condensation in DNA bundles.
June 3-4 Week-end

June 5 A. van Oijen Single-molecule studies of DNA replication
3:30 Katalin Toth: Cromatin Compaction at the Nucleosome Level
June 6 J.Langowski DNA and Chromatin structure studied by SFM, fluorescence techniques and computer simulations
3-6 pm: Rob Philips: Jam session on viruses.
June 7 W.Olson
June 8 V.Rybenkov DNA unlinking in bacteria
June 9 O. Krichevsky Internal Dynamics of DNA and Actin polymers
June 10-11 Week-end

June 12 T. Owen-Hughes Snf2 family proteins and chromatin remodelling.
June 13 B.Bialek Physics Problems of early Embryonic Development.
June 14 B. Shklovski /A. Grosberg Physics of DNA in Nanopores.
3:30 Ioulia Rouzina: DNA Stretching Experiments.
June 15 Jane' Kondev, Structure and organization of chromosomes in vivo.
3:30 Lobaskin: Dynamics of Micro-swimming

June 16 H.Orland RNA folding and matrix field theory
June 17-18 Week-end

June 19 Michael Rubinstein, Physical Model of the Airway Surface Layer of a Lung.
June 20 Ioulia Rouzina Mechanistic insights into the kinetics of HIV.
June 21 Chris Henley Irreversible growth model for assembling irregular capsids.
3:30 Dennis Rapaport, Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Capsid Self Assembly.
June 22 Paul van der Schoot/Roya Zandi, Dynamics of Viral Assembly.
3:30 Fred MacKintosh, Elastic behavior of actin networks
June 23 Reidun Twarock, Mathematical Virology
3:30 Nguyen Toan Continuum theory of retroviral capsids.
June 24-25 Week-end

June 26 Charles Knobler Squeezing protein nanocontainers; AFM nanoindentation studies of viral capsids
3:30 William Klug: Numerical Simulations of Protein Layers and Viral Shells.
June 27 David Wu In vitro papillomavirus capsid assembly analyzed by light scattering
June 28 Adam Zlotnick Assembly models and their correlation with assembly data
3:30 Mehran Kardar Anomalous Diffusion of DNA Translocation
June 29 Ian Molineux Are viruses pressurized?
June 30 Charles Knobler/Bill Gelbart Reconstitution of Plant and Animal Viruses.