Journal club meets Wednesdays 3:30-4:30 pm in the small seminar room.

Organized by: Meredith Betterton and Rob Phillips. Please contact one of the organizers to present in the journal club.

Upcoming meetings

All meetings take place on Wednesday at 3:30 pm in the small seminar room.

?: Asakura and Oosawa, "Interaction between particles suspended in solutions of macromolecules," Journal of Polymer Science 33:183 (1958). Get paper here. Awaiting presenter to volunteer.

Past meetings

4/12: Berg and Purcell, "Physics of chemoreception," Biophys J 20:193 (1977). Get paper here. Presented by Meredith Betterton.

4/26: Hopfield, "Kinetic Proofreading: A New Mechanism for Reducing Errors in Biosynthetic Processes Requiring High Specificity," PNAS 71:4135-4139 (1974). Get paper here. Presented by Rob Phillips.

5/3: Rau, Lee and Parsegian, "Measurement of the repulsive force between polyelectrolyte molecules in ionic solution: Hydration forces between parallel DNA double helices," PNAS 81:2621 (1984). Get paper here. Presented by Robijn Bruinsma.

Why come to the journal club?

The goal is to read and discuss classic papers in biophysics and biology - the papers you have known about for years and have always wanted to read carefully. If you have suggestions for papers, please give your ideas to the organizers or bring them to the first meeting.